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When most of us think of window guards we think of something which will make our homes look unattractive. Although there are window guards which do tend to be bulky, there are some which can be unnoticeable. The important thing to remember is although you can see some of the best window guards, you are more importantly protecting your child(ren) from potentially falling through a window.


Products recommended by ASTM codes:


John Sterling Safety Guard 1136

- 6 bar swing open child safety guard for widths 24" to 42", max height 25".


- Easy to install with 4 mounting screws


- Window guards can be mounted either on the front or side of the window frame.


- Guard swings open for easy access to window for cleaning and emergencies. Made from powder-coated steel


- Child safety guard fits openings from 24" to 42" wide and a maximum height of 24 7/8"

Kidco Mesh Window Guard

- Deters child from playing with or falling through an open window.


- Great mesh design blends with window treatments - no metal bars.


- Fits window sizes 26"-40" wide.


- Versatile mounting for single or double hung and sliding windows.


- Quick release hardware.


- Meets all ASTM standards.


- Available in White.

Guardian Angel

- Quick Release Buttons Allow For Easy Removal In Case Of Emergency


- Withstands up to 150 pounds of pressure in locked position.


- Conforms to local fire and building codes for egress type windowguards.


- Meets these Massachusetts building codes: 780CMR 3603.14.2.2 and 780 CMR 1010.4.


- Multitude of sizes designed for all types and sizes of windows


- Double Hung, casement and sliding, and awning types.


- Conforms to American Society for Testing and Material standards (F2090-01A).


- Life-time guarantee


- Bar spacings: 3 7/8"

You can find safety products at your local Hardware store, as well any stores that hold sell baby items. These stores include but are not limited to the following:

Toys 'R Us

Home Depot



Baby 'R Us




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